Indian Space History Project Memory Monologues - Prof Dr Balakista Reddy

Prof. Dr. V. Balakista Reddy was one the first voices in India to ask for national space legislation.
Prof. Dr. V. Balakista Reddy serves as Registrar of NALSAR University of Law, Hyderabad and Centre for Aerospace and Defence Laws (CADL) at NALSAR. He was one the first voices in India to ask for national space legislation.

He is an internationally recognized expert in Air and Space Law and has contributed extensively on different facets of International law. His books on, (1) Air Law and Policy in India (2) Recent Trends in International Space Law and Policy and (3) Emerging Trends in Air and Space Law, (4) Space Law and Contemporary Issues have won international acclaim.

This is a project by Spaceport SARABHAI (S2) to capture anecdotes of people who have contributed to the development of India's space program. S2 is India’s 1st dedicated Space think tank that aspires to be global, collaborative, and inclusive. More about S2 -

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