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Setting up Space Systems Laboratory at IIIT Delhi

Sanat talks about his journey of creating space system laboratory IIIT D to conduct research on space vehicle guidance, navigation and control, orbit determination, GNSS-based navigation, non-linear dynamics and estimation algorithms.

GalaxEye Space - Building the future of Earth Observation in India

Suyash talks about the journey of starting up GalaxEye Space out of the IIT Madras campus to build the future of Earth Observation.

Funding NewSpace startups in India with venture capital

Ravi talks about how he sees the opportunity landscape for supporting early stage space startups in India with venture capital.

Building a space traffic management service startup out of India

Anirudh talks about Digantara's journey as the first Indian private company with a mission to secure long-term spaceflight safety by developing space debris tracking and monitoring services.

How MoES uses space capabilities for Earth, ocean, Antarctic sciences and forecasting monsoon

Dr. Madhavan Ranjeevan shares about how Ministry of Earth Sciences (MoES) provides the nation with best possible services in forecasting the monsoons and other weather/climate parameters, ocean state, earthquakes, tsunamis and other phenomena related to earth systems through well integrated programmes.

Understanding space activities in Africa and potential for collaboration with India

Kwaku talks about what are the current trends in space activities in Africa, the status of industry/applications development and in what areas can India partner with African countries.

Starburst starting an India chapter to support space entrepreneurs locally

Abhi who is leading Starburst's efforts to support Indian space entrepreneurs to grow and mature talks about their roadmap and support system which they plan to build locally in India.

Early days of ISRO as told by Project Director for APPLE

Vasagam talks about his career in ISRO that started in 1965 to then leading India's first experimental geostationary satellite called Ariane Passenger Payload Experiment (APPLE).

A diplomat's experience of dealing with ISRO and India's space interests

Ambassador Rakesh Sood talks about his career and experiences as an Indian diplomat who handled outer space related issues. We also talk about the more recent issues of integrating space capabilities as a part of foreign policy interests.

Godrej's experience of spin offs from ISRO technology

Surendra Vaidya talks about Godrej's experience of taking technology that came from working with ISRO to then use it in solving problems in other sectors.

Comparing Japan's approach to space industry to the Indian experience

Prof. Kazuto Suzuki shares insights on how Japanese space industry landscape has been developed since its inception and the changes that have occurred to support the emergence of NewSpace in the last decade.

Solving problems in India using satellite-based IOT technology

Parth talks about how Skylo Technologies satellite based IoT network offers Wireless connectivity to address various problems in India for farmers, fishermen and their experience so far.

Secure optical communication systems for satellites

Bengaluru-based spacetech startup Astrogate Labs that builds core technologies in optical/laser communication terminals. Nitish talks about their journey so far.

Reflections of DOS/ISRO from a Secretary/Chairman's perspective

Former ISRO/DOS Chairman/Secretary AS Kiran Kumar talks about various issues important issues that provide a perspective coming from within the institution that we all so love and cherish.

Four decades spent on developing applications using space technology for India

Dr. Ranganath Navalgund talks of developments in ISRO through his career where he started as a physicist in 1977 and pioneered the development of several space-based applications for end-user communities in India.

An economist's view of the space industry

As an economist, Pierre Lionnet talks about his vantage point of space activities, government involvement, newspace and industry.

Evolution of solid propellants for rocketry in India

Rajaram Nagappa talks about how solid propellants were developed in India from the time of the sounding rockets to the larger SLV/PSLV rockets.

The story behind the development of the first 100 industry partners to work with ISRO

Sudarshan, a recruit of Prof Sarabhai in the 1970 talks about his experience of being the Chairman of the ISRO technology transfer committee and helped develop the first 100 industries to collaborate with ISRO.

Why some Indians are starting space startups abroad?

Sethu (CEO of ReOrbit) talks about his perspectives on why he chose Finland as a home to his startup and reflects on what can make the ecosystem in India more welcoming to have more and more Indian entrepreneurs start their space ventures out of India.

The similarities of Israel and India in space - Exploring the history and the future

Deganit talks about how Israel established the space programme and matured to having a strong industry today. We explore how India and Israel share several commonalities when it comes to space capabilities, missions and even challenges for the future.

Godrej's contributions to realising launch vehicle (Vikas) engines in India

Surendra Vaidya (Executive Vice President & Business Head, Godrej Aerospace) talks about how Godrej moved from being a consumer product manufacturer into supporting the ISRO in the space program to eventually realising over 150 engines contributing to over dozens of reliable launches.

Gareeb Scientist - India's biggest space science and technology YouTuber

Gareeb Scientist who produces videos on Indian space science and technology progress and explains them to the general public talks about his journey so far. We address challenges specific to covering ISRO's developments and getting access to material that can further help spread the fabulous efforts of ISRO through content creators.

Five decades of contribution of Walchandnagar Industries to the Indian space program

Chirag talks about Walchandnagar Industries association with ISRO started in 1973 with manufacturing of motor cases for SLV-3 to supporting startups from India to building rockets.

Expanding astronomy education and research possibilities in India

Jayant talks about how astronomy education and research can be broadened in India based on his 20 years of experience of being at the Indian Institute of Astrophysics.

Lessons for Indian space ecosystem from an Argentinian entrepreneur

Emiliano talks about his experiences of building Satellogic, one of the biggest NewSpace Earth Observation (EO) startups in the world which is trying to democratize access to space-based services, by fostering new markets of innovative applications by making data 1,000 times cheaper than traditional EO companies

How to get into the space industry

Aravind talks about how to get into the space industry, what are the kind of jobs available, what are the restrictions and the nature of skillsets needed to enter the industry.

ISRO's Capacity Building Program Office's role in helping Indian space industry

Sudheer, Associate Director of Capacity Building Programme Office (CBPO) responsible for new initiatives in formulating policies, procedures & guidelines in the following areas and carry out objective analysis to ensure the implementation of the same by facilitating ISRO Centres talks about its role in helping Indian industry.

Space security from an Indian perspective

Raji talks about how space security has evolved in India and provides a detailed overview of many of the issues such as weaponisation, militarisation, ASATs, space situational awareness from an Indian perspective.

A space historian's perspective of the early days of the Indian space activities

Space historian Asif Siddiqi talks about the early days of India's space activities, the role of Sarabhai and the shares some intricate insights about the foundations of the Indian space program.

How Bellatrix evolved to address a gap in satellite propulsion technology

Bellatrix CEO Rohan talks about how their ideas for space propulsion kicked off and took shape over time. The episode was recorded with the help of Unbounded (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNy5vmqh_YtMyO5rEdjLeaw) at the Kerala SpacePark Conclave in Feb 2020.

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