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Indian Space History Memory Monologues - Arup Dasgupta

Arup pioneered the introduction of Geomatics in ISRO and conducted advanced research and development in the convergence of Geomatics, Information Technology and Communications Technology in space applications.

Indian Space History Memory Monologues - Sudarshan P

Sudarshan, recruit of Prof Sarabhai in the 1970 talks about his experiences of indigenous development of 100 critical technologies by ISRO to realise space missions.

mach33.aero - India's first public private partnership to promote innovation and entrepreneurship in spacetech

Harshan and Jacob talk about how they mach33.aero is building a PPP model to help startups to promote innovation and entrepreneurship in defence, aersopace and spacetech.

Accelerating the growth of the geospatial industry to the world’s economy and society

Sanjay talks about his experience of working towards facilitating and accelerating the growth of the geospatial industry worldwide and raising awareness of the industry‘s value proposition and contribution to world’s economy and society.

Satcom Industry Association (SIA-India)

Anil talks about SIA-India's work in representing satellite operators, satellite systems, launch vehicles and ground and terminal equipment manufacturers as well as application solutions providers to the Government, Regulators, Policymakers, and domestic and international standards bodies.

Delivering real-time insights on key economic indicators using satellite imagery for the metals and mining industry

Gunjan talks about how Tathya is delivering real-time insights on key economic indicators using satellite imagery for hot metal production, iron ore inventory and other metal commodities.

Developing high performance, non-carcinogenic space propulsion from India

Tushar talks about how Manastu was formed to replace old, low-performing, carcinogenic, and highly toxic hydrazine-based propulsion systems with high performance, non-carcinogenic, less toxic alternatives.

Drawing parallels between European and Indian support system for NewSpace startups

Lucie talks about her experiences from moving from a traditional space agency setting to supporting young companies trying to conduct NewSpace activities in Europe. We talk about parallels with India and the differences in these ecosystems.

Launching India's first privately built satellite

Farhan talks about the story behind ExseedSat and his experiences of working within the space industry to launch India's first privately built satellite.

Experiences from UNispace Nanosatellite Assembly & Training (UNNATI) by ISRO

Aazzah talks about her experience of participating in the UNispace Nanosatellite Assembly & Training (UNNATI), a program by ISRO which intends to provide a hands on training program for engineers from developing country on building nanosatellites.

Paying tribute to the Indian space program with a watch series

Nirupesh, CEO of the Bangalore Watch Company shares their story of how they created the 'Apogee' series of watches to pay tribute to the Indian space program and its achievements.

The High Frontier: The Untold Story of Gerard K. O’Neill

Will Henry, producer of the The High Frontier: The Untold Story of Gerard K. O’Neill, talks about the life and work of Prof. Gerard K. O’Neill which include particle accelerators, space settlements and founded the Space Studies Institute.

How to sell as a startup in the space industry?

Jason talks about mistakes startup entrepreneurs are making in space industry and how to be aware of building solutions for real problems that scale.

Commoditising satellites & space assets using edge computing

Space-tech solutions have not traditionally been brought under the SaaS umbrella. SkySERVE is bringing edge computing service for satellites through the platform they are building to commoditising satellites & space assets.

Setting up Space Systems Laboratory at IIIT Delhi

Sanat talks about his journey of creating space system laboratory IIIT D to conduct research on space vehicle guidance, navigation and control, orbit determination, GNSS-based navigation, non-linear dynamics and estimation algorithms.

GalaxEye Space - Building the future of Earth Observation in India

Suyash talks about the journey of starting up GalaxEye Space out of the IIT Madras campus to build the future of Earth Observation.

Funding NewSpace startups in India with venture capital

Ravi talks about how he sees the opportunity landscape for supporting early stage space startups in India with venture capital.

Building a space traffic management service startup out of India

Anirudh talks about Digantara's journey as the first Indian private company with a mission to secure long-term spaceflight safety by developing space debris tracking and monitoring services.

How MoES uses space capabilities for Earth, ocean, Antarctic sciences and forecasting monsoon

Dr. Madhavan Ranjeevan shares about how Ministry of Earth Sciences (MoES) provides the nation with best possible services in forecasting the monsoons and other weather/climate parameters, ocean state, earthquakes, tsunamis and other phenomena related to earth systems through well integrated programmes.

Understanding space activities in Africa and potential for collaboration with India

Kwaku talks about what are the current trends in space activities in Africa, the status of industry/applications development and in what areas can India partner with African countries.

Starburst starting an India chapter to support space entrepreneurs locally

Abhi who is leading Starburst's efforts to support Indian space entrepreneurs to grow and mature talks about their roadmap and support system which they plan to build locally in India.

Early days of ISRO as told by Project Director for APPLE

Vasagam talks about his career in ISRO that started in 1965 to then leading India's first experimental geostationary satellite called Ariane Passenger Payload Experiment (APPLE).

A diplomat's experience of dealing with ISRO and India's space interests

Ambassador Rakesh Sood talks about his career and experiences as an Indian diplomat who handled outer space related issues. We also talk about the more recent issues of integrating space capabilities as a part of foreign policy interests.

Godrej's experience of spin offs from ISRO technology

Surendra Vaidya talks about Godrej's experience of taking technology that came from working with ISRO to then use it in solving problems in other sectors.

Comparing Japan's approach to space industry to the Indian experience

Prof. Kazuto Suzuki shares insights on how Japanese space industry landscape has been developed since its inception and the changes that have occurred to support the emergence of NewSpace in the last decade.

Solving problems in India using satellite-based IOT technology

Parth talks about how Skylo Technologies satellite based IoT network offers Wireless connectivity to address various problems in India for farmers, fishermen and their experience so far.

Secure optical communication systems for satellites

Bengaluru-based spacetech startup Astrogate Labs that builds core technologies in optical/laser communication terminals. Nitish talks about their journey so far.

Reflections of DOS/ISRO from a Secretary/Chairman's perspective

Former ISRO/DOS Chairman/Secretary AS Kiran Kumar talks about various issues important issues that provide a perspective coming from within the institution that we all so love and cherish.

Four decades spent on developing applications using space technology for India

Dr. Ranganath Navalgund talks of developments in ISRO through his career where he started as a physicist in 1977 and pioneered the development of several space-based applications for end-user communities in India.

An economist's view of the space industry

As an economist, Pierre Lionnet talks about his vantage point of space activities, government involvement, newspace and industry.

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