Using NAVIC for India and taking it to the world

Elena’s leader and founder Lt Col V S Velan, an Indian Army Veteran is driven by a deep purpose of seeing a NavIC enabled India. Velan has been working in GNSS domain from 1998. He has been associated in NavIC / IRNSS, since its inception in June 2008.
Elena Geo Systems is the leader in NavIC based components, devices, solutions and systems. We deliver advanced satellite navigation solutions for land, marine, and aviations systems. Elena Geo Systems uses its extensive knowledge of NavIC domain and other proprietary algorithms to develop and provide innovative solutions that help organizations optimize their operations and increase productivity. Our world-class products are highly customizable to meet and exceed customer expectations. It is that desire to connect innovation, quality and scalability that makes the difference, and fuels the company to break new ground in creating next generation NavIC solutions.Headquartered in Bengaluru India, Elena Geo Systems has an end-to-end presence in the monitoring domain, extending from the chip level to the user systems level that integrate higher order business intelligence generation processes. Elena has been specializing in this niche segment, which involves creation of entire downstream ecosystem from the NavIC receiver to a complicated intelligence system that could harness the power of monitoring to increase production of corporations with the same resources.

Thanks to SatSure for lending their office for this recording.

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